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Manometer Applications

  1. Static Pressure Measurement monitoring in duct or plenum.
  2. For adjusting efficient, combustion.
  3. To measure gas pressure to heating burner.
  4. For adjusting pressure drop in dust scrubber.
  5. For gauging damper position in duct.
  6. For sensing loss of lubricating oil to saw bled.
  7. To measure / monitor negative pressure during asbestos removal operation.
  8. Measure to change in air pressure in textile equipment.
  9. To measure pressurization of rooms.
  10. To measure air velocity in duct.
  11. For measuring air velocity in Orifice Plate.
  12. To measure differential pressure across fan.
  13. To indicate filter condition in any close process.
  14. To monitor draft in smoke, stack.
  15. To monitor air flow in oven.
  16. To measure wind speed in duct or process.
  17. To measure test pressure in air flow.
  18. To measure air velocity round the clock.
  19. To measure low flow of stack gas.
  20. For accurate measurement of stack gas velocity.
  21. To show pressure and accurate during kidney dialysis.
  22. In gasoline vapor recovery system.
  23. To measure tank level of liquid.
  24. To control yarn size from carding machine.
  25. To measure level of liquid nitrogen in tank.
  26. To measure drop across Orifice Plate.
  27. To indicate condition of filter in liquid pipe line.
  28. To measure water florid.
  29. Can be used as Orifice Meter on liquid pipe line.
  30. In system to measure integrity of auto fuel system.
  31. For leak testing in containers or assembly.
  32. To monitor filter loading.
Used in cleaning cycle for bag house cleaning.